Friday July 31 , 2015
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The JA177 EVOLUTION II has the best safety record in the industry and we have the statistics prove it!
When it comes to Safety, Results Do Matter

At Aerodynos de Colombia S.A. we are proud of all the safety features we have incorporated into our aircraft - and  we invite you to explore them. What really matters, though, are results - actual safety statistics  showing how ULM ultralight aircraft perform in the real-life flying environment.

While some of our competitors need to do a lot of massaging of the data to come up with just one acceptable safety statistic - for instance, by looking only at one particularly good year, or only counting accidents in one geography, Aerodynos de Colombia  proves real historical data to support our conclusion that we build the safest ULM ultralight aircraft in the world.  We invite you to get the full picture of all relevant safety statistics, because we know that our record can stand up even to the most analytical scrutiny.

We invite you to do your own research and review the numerous public safety analyses to gain confidence that JA177 Evolution II  owners already have: JA177 Evolution II are extremely safe aircraft.  You can confidently share our compelling safety record with your friends and family to get them as excited about your aircraft choice as you are.


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